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Property Developer: Filinvest
Project Location: Ortigas Extension, Pasig City
Turnover Date: Preselling
Unit Sizes: Starting at 26.14
Price Range: Php 4,200,000 and up

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One Oasis is the brainchild of a leading Philippines real estate development company to bring affordable and convenient living areas to more locals, and those beyond the Metro Manila, who aspire towards a lifestyle that is indicative of communal living that is pleasant and good for body and soul. The complex’s interior and exterior features resonate with the twenty first century paradigm of living healthily and well.


Direct or online access to the developer’s One Oasis unit design plans leaves clues to the health and wellness approach being taken. Open plan units and ready-made access to more open living spaces, such as gardens, walking paths and recreational spaces that encourage a degree of physical engagement and mental stimulation contribute directly to the health and wellness concept.

The Condo Life

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Now, the condo concept, on the other hand, is open to be utilized at will. To this end, Filinvest and its team have been successful in opening up spaces within the condos and encouraging residents to take part in communal life from within their own homes. Given the many indoor and outdoor amenities included within the complex, specifically designed to also promote the holiday spirit, it is hard for any resident to ignore this open invitation.

Developer’s History

Name association can mean a lot. The corporate identity of Filinvest refers to the enduring dream of many Filipinos to buy, own and manage their own properties, whether domestic or commercial. Filinvest is also known by the acronym FDC. Starting out as a consumer financing corporation, FDC has, over the years grown to become one of the Philippine’s largest multi-national companies, specializing in the financial services industry, power supply, agro-processing in sugar, hotel and holiday resort management, over and above property development.   

In real estate development, this company has had its finger on the pulse in numerous niches since the nineteen sixties. These include the development of condominiums, leisure clubs, shopping centers, mid level and high level office complexes and complete central business districts. Over two and a half thousand acres of Filipino land is currently under management by FDC and over one hundred and fifty thousand families have benefited from their home-making services.

Green and Organic Developments

The community spirit is successfully amalgamated with that of the holiday vibe by the creation of an oasis theme, hence the development’s name. But not just in name. The theme of living on a remote island is resplendent inside of the units and particularly across the exterior thoroughfares within the development’s parks. To call these parks is apt.

Could they be both private and public? That is a poser for another day. All amenities have been deliberately designed to encourage residents into relaxation mode, forgetting what’s happening beyond their secluded walls in other parts of Manila.

But what of the green and organic contribution? This much has been done. Or this much can be seen, take your pick. An abundance of greenery beginning with one tree park as well as trellises helps to create the green haven. The organic aspect is enhanced by the fact that this aspect contributes towards creating the right environment for calm and tranquility for residents.

An important feature towards this is the construction of a water feature which serves as a natural link between interiors and the garden parks outside. Features of organic life, in all its manifestations, do contribute towards the wellness aspect of the health and wellness trend.

Health and Wellness Contributions

Health and wellness has long been associated purely with a strict regime of exercise and dieting. But if the concept is properly understood, it is more than that. The developer and its team understands that much. So, taking all features into account, the concept is correctly utilized to promote a complete sense of wellbeing and relaxation.

There is no need to stress, even whilst exercising. And in view of the critical problem of obesity amongst young children today, the grounds proactively accommodate the children as well. In order to be healthy and well, children are encouraged to spend time outdoors. To this end, the developer has added a special play park within the grounds just for them.

While children have their playgrounds - there is a playroom for those little ones just out of infancy - the adults have their playroom as well. While the children play, their mothers and fathers can have a go in their entertainment arena and pool room. Here is where billiards and snooker can also be played. While the health-oriented mothers and fathers do their laps in their pool and their reps in the gym, their young ones can play in their own pool.

You can have a life at home

Folks in the past who preferred to spend most of their leisure and social time indoors at home have unfairly been labeled as boring. Truth be told, living in congested urban environments, even with all the entertainment amenities available, is not for everyone. Some folks do prefer peace and quiet. Nevertheless, One Oasis offers them a bit of both.

While residents can enjoy the seclusion that they have invested in, they can also branch out to others on those sfpecial occasions. Right on their doorstep, they can join the club. Here is a space where they can entertain up to two hundred and fifty guests for special events such as weddings and festival commemorations. In this regard, surprised guests enter a new green enclave right in the heart of their city.

All in all, almost half of the entire complex’s four hectares is taken up with a living and breathing green and organic environment, providing residents and their visitors with the perfect antidote for escaping city life and re-invigorating themselves emotionally as well as physically.

And that is why they are called living spaces

And in many other parts of the world, Manila included, an institutionalized green lung by way of public parks exists side by side with busy traffic lanes, tall sky scrapers, shopping complexes and restaurants. Over the years, people have often been encouraged to open up their own living spaces to contribute towards this greening necessity.

But many others, including Filinvest and its team, did not need much encouragement. And the living space presented to residents is given wholeness and structure by way of the different sized units within their five storey buildings. These are studio, one bed-roomed and two bed-roomed suites. The explicit design intention was to appeal to young go-getters otherwise known as Filipino professionals and new families with children.

This is the One you are looking for! This is one of Filinvest's best offerings of grandiose and luxurious urban living without the ludicrous tag price. The One Oasis Pasig in the center of Ortigas is truly affordable and packed with excitement and functional amenities in One place at the same time!

The One Oasis is a medium-rise residential condo development; resort inspired and with nature-themed environs unlike any other. The site is located in one of Pasig City's busiest location and it is only one of its kinds in the area. The residential project is located in Ortigas Extension, Pasig City.

The project sits on a 4.3-hectare of flood-free land and situated along major road arteries this side of Ortigas where activities are relatively hectic as people tend to overtake each other, in roads and in the streets. When you go home to the Oasis, it would be early and easy.

The project boasts of maximum use of space where the amenities and facilities made up most of the available land (60%). This only shows that residents could enjoy the amenities at the same time and with still lots of space to freely move.

The development is consists of 14 buildings with each having 5 levels of residential units. Units' size varies from 22 to 48sqm of floor area. Unit classifications are Studio, 1-BR and 2-BR residential units. There are a total of 958 residential units on offer.

Furthermore, there is separate structure for all 2-BR units, gardens lots are also offered, while 2 hectares of the available land is an Open Space for various purposes. The property is gated and guarded 24/7 with perimeter fence that adds up to the security of occupants; the garbage disposal system is truly effective and efficient.

Amenities are sublime and functional, such as Clubhouse, swimming pool, fitness gym, entertainment area, activity area, adult and kiddie pools, tree park, basketball court, landscaped and meditation gardens and a whole lot more!

Kids will be glad to know that schools are nearby, such as La Salle Greenhills, St. Paul University Pasig, Poveda School, Ateneo de Manila Pasig and Miriam College.

There are also prominent hospitals within the perimeter of the One Oasis, like the New Medical Center, Mission Hospital, St. Luke's Medical Center and VRP Medical Center.

Entertainment and shopping centers operate within the area, which include the Ortigas Business Center, Frontera Verde, Super 8, St. Francis Square, Greenhills Shopping Center, Tiendesitas, SM Megamall and Metrowalk.

Go home to where the pleasure is, go home to the One Oasis Pasig!

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Unit Type For Sale Prices Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 4,200,000 26.14 Other Cuts Available
2 Bedroom ₱ 8,200,000 46.18 Other Cuts Available
2 Bed + Balcony ₱ 7,400,000 41.87 Other Cuts Available
3 Bedroom ₱ 10,700,000 65.11 Other Cuts Available
3 Bed + Balcony ₱ 10,500,000 65.11 Other Cuts Available

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