Earlier it was mentioned that just about half of the Oasis’s estate is assigned to open air natural features that are conducive to recreating a healthy living atmosphere. But it is also worthwhile pondering on what folks can do indoors, in a healthy sort of way, of course. When you combine available internal and external amenities you have a healthy recipe towards creating a perfect balance for being healthy and well. And to be well, spiritual awareness is also quite important.

Let’s get physical – Exercise possibilities were paramount on the developer’s design table. For the purposes of keeping fit, the following amenities have been provided for residents; basketball court, gym, jogging track and swimming pool.

Socially speaking – The available space, quite literally, fulfils a number of functions. And while the thematic, décor and infrastructural encouragement is given, it is up to the residents to choose how they would like to utilize their space. The following amenable ideas have been offered to them; activities area, clubhouse and entertainment area.

A natural reminder – Earlier, the impressive juxtapositioning of the indoors and the outdoors was mentioned. This has been done through the utilization of cascading water features. And once outside, residents are still very much at home in their tree park.

And an important reminder to always take care of the kids – That much has been emphasized as well.  But responsible parents do not need to be reminded. With the correct supervision and care, where necessary, it warms the heart of any good parent to see his or her child in an elemental mood in the customized swimming pool, playroom and outdoor play park.

  • Multipurpose Clubhouse
  • Fitness Gym
  • Entertainmet Area
  • Activity Area
  • Grand Entrance
  • Adult and Kiddie Pools
  • Tree Park
  • Basketball Court
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